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White Coat Academy


As part of our online academy for medical students, we are excited to share the details of our weekly case meetings. We invite you to participate, contribute, and benefit from these discussions to enhance your knowledge and experience.

Why Should You Attend?

  • Dive deep into real cases and expand your knowledge and experience.
  • Exchange insights and draw lessons from your peers.
  • Enhance your clinical reasoning and sharpen your analytical abilities.

WCA courses feature a unique approach to online medical education. You will learn how to bring medical treatment to life.  To help with understanding how surgical and medical treatment can help prevent disease. 

Membership Application Form

All individuals interested in joining the WCA must be students of a medical school. Members are expected to voluntarily contribute to and represent the WCA in scientific endeavors. Please note, there are no fees associated with becoming a member. Those eager to join should forward their details to wcacademypr@gmail.com. All applications will be scrutinized by our disciplinary board. If we discern mutual advantages for WCA, we will endorse the membership and notify the applicant promptly.

For those wishing to attend WCA case meetings, please send an email containing the necessary details to wcacademypr@gmail.com

Membership Request E-mail

Participant Information Form

All university students are cordially invited to our Weekly Case Meetings. If you’re keen on joining, kindly forward the following details to wcacademypr@gmail.com 


All units operate in line with White Coat Academy’s vision and mission. Each unit has distinct goals to ensure the efficient functioning of the academy.

  • Led by the President and assistants.
  • Provides leadership according to the Academy’s vision and mission.
  • Sets strategic plans and objectives.
  • Coordinates student activities.
  • Evaluates student performance.
  • Selects instructors.
  • Designs and implements training programs.
  • Organizes conferences and seminars.
  • Invites guest speakers.
  • Manages relations with other units and external institutions.
  • Managed by the Discipline Board President and assistants.
  • Handles student registrations and advisory services.
  • Implements ethical and disciplinary principles.
  • Makes disciplinary decisions.
  • Manages human resources.
  • Updates and implements Academy rules.
  • Operated by secretaries.
  • Coordinates meetings and events.
  • Archives official correspondence.
  • Facilitates inter-unit communication.
  • Led by the financial coordinator.
  • Prepares and monitors the budget.
  • Creates income-expense reports.
  • Plans for financial risks and strategies.
  • Supports medical projects.
  • Works on new training methods.
  • Organizes academic publications.
  • Organizes simulation-based training.
  • Provides real patient application opportunities.
  • Manages clinical skill laboratories.
  • Manages e-learning platforms.
  • Integrates technological tools.
  • Shares content on social media and the website.

WCA online courses are suitable for anyone interested in medical science, including students, professionals, and curious learners around the world. We deliver unique online education in areas of medicine. 

These free online medicine courses will give you an introduction to the science of establishing the diagnosis, prognosis, treatment, and prevention of diseases as practiced by undergraduate/post-bacc student, medical student and medical professional (Contact e-mail: wcacademypr@gmail.com )

Weekly Case Meeting Information

  • Topic: The topic will be communicated to members and participants through e-mail before each meeting.
  • Date: The date will be communicated to members and participants via e-mail prior to each meeting.
  • Location: Via Zoom.
  • Purpose: To enhance the knowledge and experience of medical students through discussions on real-life cases.

Pre-Meeting Preparation:

  1. Find a quiet location.
  2. Install the Zoom application.
  3. Click the meeting invitation link that was sent to you.
  4. Kindly hold any questions or comments until after the meeting.
  5. If you experience any problems, please reach out to the secretariat.

Participant Guidelines:

  1. Please ensure you join the meeting punctually.
  2. Engage actively and always converse with respect.
  3. Value and consider the opinions of others.
  4. Sharing personal experiences is encouraged, but always prioritize patient confidentiality.
  5. Contact Information: Details will be communicated to members and participants through e-mail before each meeting.

Meeting Agenda:

  1. Meeting commencement.
  2. Recap of the previous week’s case.
  3. Introduction of the new case.
  4. In-depth discussion and analysis.
  5. Proposals for cases for the upcoming week.
  6. Meeting conclusion.

Online Presentation Courses

(1) Original Research Presentation (on-line) (2) Literature Time (on-line) (3) Case Report Presentation (on-line)(4) How to do? (on-line) (5) I have an idea (on-line) (6) To letter (on-line) 

Courses are you interested in?

(1) Surgical (2) Medical (3) Internal medicine


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