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Membership Request e-mail Task

From: [Your Email Address]

To: wcacademypr@gmail.com

Subject: Application for Membership in WCA

Dear Sir/Madam,

I am [Your Full Name], studying medicine at [Your University Name]. I am informed about the training and events offered by the White Coat Academy, and I wish to join as a Member.

Enclosed, you will find my student certificate which you’ve requested. I have filled out all the details accurately and completely.

Being a part of White Coat Academy will be a significant opportunity for enhancing my medical knowledge and experiences. I am eager to contribute and add value to the academic community.

I hope for a favorable consideration of my request and look forward to your response.


[Your Full Name]

[Your Phone Number]

[University of Attendance]

Proof of Student Status/Certificate: (Please attach your student proof/certificate with this form)


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