Letter to Editor January 2014

Mucosele of the Appendix

Mucosele of the appendix is characterized with dilataion of lumen by large amounts of mucus. It is a rare condition; it can be seen 0.2-0.3% frequency in all appendectomys. There are four histological types of appendix mucosele: Retantion cyst, mucosal hyperplasia [%5-25], mucinous cystadenomas [%63-84]?and mucinous cystadenocarcinomas [%11-14]. Mucosele of appendix can be asymptomatic or symptomaic. In symptomatic patiens, lower…

Additional Info

  • Recieved 15.01.2013
  • Accepted 15.02.2013
  • Published Online 15.02.2013
  • Printed 01.01.2014
  • DOI 10.4328/JCAM.1545
  • Author Muhammet Yener Akpinar, Ozan Namdaroglu
  • Identifier J Clin Anal Med. 2014;5(1):88-88
  • Index Page 88-88
  • How to Cite Muhammet Yener Akpinar, Ozan Namdaroglu. Mucosele of the Appendix. J Clin Anal Med. 2014;5(1):88-88
  • Running Title Mucosele of the Appendix
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