The World and in Turkey Perfusionist Education

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Perfusionists have an important place in heart surgery due to their responsibilities. Cardiopulmonary bypass support applied in open heart surgery is one of the criteria that affects the success of surgery and the healing process of the patient. Open
cardiac surgeries have become available in many centers today and there has been a significant increase in the number of perfusionists. The level of education of perfusionists who undertake such an important task and which can directly affect the vital functions of the patient varies greatly. Compared with the US and European countries, there is no standard definition of vocational education in Turkey related to perfusion. In these countries, the definition of perfusionism has been defined and the aim of the continuity of education quality is set by setting certain standards. Nowadays
The education of perfusion in Turkey is based on the master-apprentice relationship. Perfusionists are trying to improve their knowledge and skills at the beginning of the case. Perfusionists who have an  academic education and take responsibilities are needed to apply a quality and safe perfusion.

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  • Recieved: 04.03.2010
  • Accepted: 17.03.2010
  • Published Online: 17.03.2010
  • Printed: 01.09.2010
  • DOI: 10.4328/JCAM.10.3.41
  • Author: Aydın Bilgili, Türker Şahin, Adem Güler, Harun Tatar
  • Identifier: J Clin Anal Med. 2010;1(3):60-62
  • Index Page: 60-62
  • How to Cite: Adem Guler, Harun Tatar. The World and in Turkey Perfusionist Education. J Clin Anal Med. 2010;1(3):60-62
  • Running Title: Perfusionist Education
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