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Rules for writing a book:
Please send the chapter of  your book in accordance with these formatting rules and guidelines.
Information About our Publisher:
Bayrakol is international medical publisher serving health professionals and students. Bayrakol promotes the latest advancements in clinical practice, publishes the latest research findings, advocates medical education and is known for the high quality and didactic nature of its books, journals, and electronic products. Bayrakol publishes a lot of new book titles, papers etc. every year. The Publisher adheres to the principles of the Committee on Publication Ethics (COPE) and the US National Library of Medicine (NLM).

E-mail address: info@acamedicine.com

Statement that the manuscript is not published elsewhere: 

Each author should state that the submitted chapter of book , either in full or in part, has not been previously published.


The manuscript will be evaluated by the editorial board. If necessary, the editorial board may correct errors in spelling or grammar without changing the content. The editorial board also has the authority to request changes to the content or the format or to request the book chapter to be shortened. If these changes are necessary, they will inform the authors in writing.
Book chapters will not be published until these edits are completed.

Acceptance for publication: 

If approved by the editorial board, submitted manuscripts will be ordered for publication. If requested, unaccepted manuscripts and attachments will be returned to the author.

The assignment of copyright: 

Authors must transfer copyright to the Bayrakol. According to the 1976 Copyright Act, any publication rights of the book chapters accepted for publication belong to publisher
institutions. This assignment becomes binding with acceptance of the book chapter for publication. The content of the book chapters is entirely the responsibility of the author. No part of the printed material can be used elsewhere without the written permission of the Bayrakol. The authors should complete and submit the attached Copyright Transfer Form with the book chapter.

Scientific Responsibility Statement: 

Authors should declare that they are responsible for the book chapter’s scientific content in the Copyright Transfer Form of the submitted book chapter. These responsibility areas include study design, data collection, analysis and interpretation, writing, preparation and scientific review of the contents, and approval of the final version of the book chapter.

Preparation for Submission 

Style Guidelines:

For style and consistency of text, follow the AMA (American Medical Association) Manual of Style, 10th Ed., or another internationally recognized style guideline.


Microsoft Word is preferred, 12-point font, Times New Roman or Arial, double-spaced throughout with approximately 3 cm/1 in margin on all edges.


The number of references limit: Research book chapters (5). References must be correctly formatted in either National Library of Medicine (NLM)
https://www.nlm.nih.gov/bsd/uniform_requirements.html or American Medical Association (AMA) style.

Book chapter:

Book chapters should not to exceed 20 pages total. Page limits: Title (1), Book chapter (20 pages, 5000 words), Tables/Figures (5), References (3).

Scientific Responsibility Statement:

Authors should declare that they are responsible for the book chapter ’s scientific content in
the Copyright Transfer Form of the submitted book chapter .

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