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Being update and cited

Derman Medical Publishing is continuing to make forward steps in medicine in a principled manner. There are two international journals in the scope of Derman Medical Publishing; Journal of Clinical and Analytical Medicine andThe Annals of Eurasian Medicine. By today there are over 14.000followers of our journals as readers, authors, peer-reviewers, specialists and physicians. Nearly 2500 articles have been sent…

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  • Recieved 23.03.2014
  • Accepted 23.03.2014
  • Published Online 29.03.2014
  • Printed 01.01.2014
  • DOI 10.4328/AEMED.28
  • Author Orhan Yucel, Muruvvet Balaban
  • Identifier J Ann Eu Med. 2014;2(1):
  • How to Cite Orhan Yucel, Muruvvet Balaban. Being update and cited. J Ann Eu Med. 2014;2(1):
  • Running Title Being update and cited
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