Editorial September 2013 ECAM

AEMED in First Year

The Annals of Eurasian Medicine (Avrasya Tip Dergisi, AEMED), of Derman Medical Publishing?s is celebrating its first year. The increase in growth rapidity of AEMED is making us very excited.

Additional Info

  • Recieved 20.10.2013
  • Accepted 20.10.2013
  • Published Online 20.10.2013
  • Printed 01.09.2013
  • DOI 10.4328/AEMED.22
  • Author Orhan Yucel, Muruvvet Balaban
  • Identifier J Ann Eu Med 2013;1(3):
  • Index Page 71-
  • How to Cite Orhan Yucel, Muruvvet Balaban . AEMED in First Year. J Ann Eu Med 2013;1(3):
  • Running Title AEMED in First Year
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