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Endobronchial foreign body aspirations causing chronic cough and dyspnea

Aim: In this retrospective report, the foreign body findings in adult patients with chronic cough were aimed to explore. Material and Method: Between October
2011 and May 2017, patients with bronchial foreign body aspirations mistakenly diagnosed as COPD or asthma in outside centers were collected. The bronchoscopic
and clinical findings of four patients with chronic cough were found from the archieve of the hospital. Results: The age of the patients who applied
to our clinic ranged from 27 to 64 years. Endobronchial foreign bodies were successfully removed with FOB in all patients. The extracted foreign bodies were
stone, headscarf needle, a needle-like object and a foil paper. Discussion: In adults with chronic cough foreign body aspiration should be immediately taken
into account.

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Protective effect of B.clasuii on sepsis

Aim: Sepsis is a clinical problem that still has high mortality and morbidity despite advances in supportive care in intensive care. The study’s aim was to investigate

the protective effect of Bacillus clausii, an important probiotic with a strengthening effect on the gastrointestinal barrier, on septicemia. Material

and Method: Twenty-four rats were divided into three randomized and double-blind groups, as Group 1 (control group, n=8), Group 2 (sepsis group, n=8), and

Group 3 (sepsis+probiotic group, n=8). Lipopolysaccharide extracted from serotypes (0111:B4) of Escherichia coli (E.coli ) was injected intraperitoneally to

all group for sepsis model at a dose of 15 mg/kg and rats were sacrificed at 48 hours. Serum oxidant and antioxidant parameters were measured. Results:

The C-Reactive Protein (CRP) value of Group 1 was significantly lower than Group 2 [CI:(-44.16)-(-28.52), p=0.000], whereas the CRP values of Group 3 were

significantly lower than Group 2 [CI:(7.4)-(34.7), p=0.005]. MDA values were found to be significant between Groups 1 and 2, CI:(-0.3)-(-0.7), p=0.045. The thiol

values of Group 2 were significantly lower than Group 1 [CI:(9)-(366), p=0.041], whereas the thiol (SH) values of Group 3 were significantly higher than those

of Group 2 [CI:(-659)-(-98), p=0.016]. Discussion: B. clausii is one of a group of probiotics that is inexpensive and effective. Sepsis is still a high-risk clinical

problem. Our study showed that B. clausii has a protective effect against sepsis.

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Remodeling capacity of femur diaphysis fracture with non-surgical treatment in preschool children

Aim: We aimed to evaluate the healing - remodeling capacities of femoral
diaphysis fractures treated with non-surgical methods in preschool children.
Material and Method: Thirty-six patients aged between 0-6 years with closed
femoral diaphysis fractures who were treated with non-surgical methods
were evaluated. Two-way graphics of the patients were taken after plastering.
Limb lengths were recorded. Patients were divided into 2 groups according
to their follow-up periods: 0-60 months (group A) and over 60 months
(group B). The two-sided bilateral femoral graphics taken during their final
examinations were used as the basis for radiographic evaluation. Results:
The mean age of the patients was 4.2±1.94 years. The mean amount of
shortness of the patients measured when the plaster was removed was
1.61±0.84 cm and it was measured at a mean of 0.8±0.74 cm at the last
follow-up. Angulation on the coronal and sagittal planes after treatment
was significant (p<0.01). The decrease in shortness is statistically significant
(p<0.01). Angulation improvement on the coronal plane in patients in group B
was statistically significantly higher than in group A (p<0.05). There was no
statistically significant difference between groups A and B when the amounts
of angular improvement on the sagittal plane were compared (p>0.05). Discussion:
In our study we found that coronal plane deformities independent of
the direction of joint movement continue remodeling at a statistically significant
rate even after 5 years.

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