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Spontaneous rib fracture ımproved wıth callus followıng acute severe cough ın pregnancy

Fracture healing is an exceptional wound healing response in which the repair process takes place with production of new bone tissue. There are three consecutive and interconnected phases,  these phases are inflammatory response, repair and remodeling phases. Coughing is usually self limited and uncomplicated but sometimes can be with complications, one of these complications is rib fracture. Cough induced rib fracture was reported in the literatüre due to the chronic obstructive pulmonary disease. In this report, we present a case of spontaneous rib fracture ımproved wıth callus followıng acute severe cough ın pregnancy.  A 42 year old female presented to our department with left posterolateral chest pain, the  patients have had acute pneumonia with severe coughing attacks simultaneously chest pain in the eighth month of pregnancy. On physical evaluation, she had seriously tenderness and felt hard callus over her left lower chest wall

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The Azygos Lobe: An Unusual Anatomical Entity with Unusual Cases

The knowledge of azygos lobe is important during thoracic surgical procedures. It is a rare anomaly in bronchopulmonary segmentation due to an unusual course of the azygos vein. There is no a pathological sense alone, if combined with other pathological events should be considered. We aimed to emphasize in this article the formation of the azygos lobe with described together pathologies in the literature.

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