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Evaluation of case reports for contacts with risk of rabies-Samsun sample

Aim: Turkey is an endemic area for rabies infection. The number of contact cases at risk of rabies has not decreased as quickly as expected. We investigated the one-year at-risk contacts observed in Samsun between January 1 and December 31, 2014. Material and Method: This is a retrospective, cross sectional study. Data were taken from at-risk contact report forms collected in public health institutions. Analyses were made on June 2015 using the SPSS 20.0 package software. Results: We analyzed 2892 cases, of whom 69.9% were male. The difference in median age by gender (m:27, f:32) is significant (p=0.000). More patients were found in the 10-19 age group (21.1%) than in any other group. 75.5% of the animals causing an at-risk contact were dogs; however, in Atakum, injuries were caused by cats at nearly two times the rate of other towns (p=0.000). At-risk contacts were observed most commonly in the spring (31.8%). Rate of females who take medication or have a diagnosed disease is nearly two times the rate in males (p=0.000). There was an extremity injury in 95.4% of the cases. Discussion: Stray dogs are a public health problem that must be addressed. Rabies infection can be prevented by vaccination and antiserum. Public health services should work in constant collaboration with other disciplines.

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A beverage bottle in the rectum: original ımage

A 51-year-old male patient was admitted to ED with the history of introducing a beverage bottle in the rectum and rectal bleeding. He gave history of similar attempts of using similar objects for alleviate constipation in past. Vital signs were within normal range. At physical examination; his abdomen was soft and not rigitidy. On inspection of his anus external piles were seen but no foreign body was evident on digital rectal physical examination. Foreign body was not palpable per abdomen. An anteroposterior radiograph of the pelvis showed the bottle in lower abdomen and pelvis 

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