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Aberrant internal carotid artery presenting as oropharyngeal mass

A 52 years old male presented to us with complaints of throat discomfort and foreign body sensation for 2 years. The patient did not report of any other upper aerodigestive tract symptoms. There was no history of addiction or any other comorbidities and patient was in a good general state of health. On examination, the patient was found to have…

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  • Recieved 31.10.2018
  • Accepted 16.10.2018
  • Published Online 14.01.2019
  • Printed 01.01.2019
  • DOI DOI:10.4328/AEMED.147
  • Author Anup Singh, Arvind Kumar Kairo, Namrita Mehmi
  • Identifier DOI:10.4328/AEMED.147
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  • Running Title Oropharyngeal mass-Aberrant ICA
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