Clinicopathologic features of breast diseases in a clinic

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Aim: The breast tissue in women shows continuous change from birth with the hormonal effect, and various symptoms occur accordingly. Breast diseas-es are among the most common diseases seen in women and their incidence is continuously increasing. Material and Method: The records of patients aged 18 to 75 who were consulted to Ahi Evran University Training and Re-search Hospital General Surgery Clinic between October 2014-January 2016 and who were pathologically diagnosed with primary breast disease were retrospectively examined. Clinical information was analyzed with SPSS 19. Results: The most common patient complaint was breast pain (43 patients). The most commonly encountered benign pathology was fibroadenoma (24 patients). Inflammatory diseases were encountered in 12 patients. 26 pa-tients were diagnosed with malignant breast lesions. Discussion: In our study, similar to the literature, benign breast diseases formed the most commonly observed group, with a rate of 59.5%. Malign breast diseases formed the second most commonly diagnosed group, with a rate of 27.6%. Inflamma-tory breast diseases formed the third most commonly diagnosed group, with a rate of 12.7%.

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  • Recieved: 29.03.2017
  • Accepted: 24.04.2017
  • Published Online: 24.04.2017
  • Printed: 01.05.2017
  • DOI: 10.4328/AEMED.110
  • Author: Hasan Calis, Nuraydin Ozlem
  • Identifier: J Ann Eu Med 2017;5(2): 46-9
  • Index Page: 46-9
  • How to Cite: Hasan Calis, Nuraydin Ozlem. Clinicopathologic features of breast diseases in a clinic. J Ann Eu Med 2017;5(2): 46-9
  • Running Title: Breast diseases in a clinic
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