Review Article May 2016

Imaging Modalities for Adrenal Lesions

The adrenal glands have a unique role in the physiological regulation of the human body. Although they are very small, the adrenal glands can be affected by many benign and malign lesions. Through the improvements in imaging modalities, determination of adrenal incidentalomas has substantially increased. The differentiation of benign adrenal lesions from malign lesions is very important to determine the…

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  • Recieved 14.12.2015
  • Accepted 03.01.2016
  • Published Online 03.01.2016
  • Printed 01.05.2016
  • DOI 10.4328/JCAM.4208
  • Author Betul Zengin
  • Identifier J Clin Anal Med. 2016;7(3):420-423
  • Index Page 420-423
  • How to Cite Betul Zengin. Imaging Modalities for Adrenal Lesions. J Clin Anal Med. 2016;7(3):420-423
  • Running Title Imaging in adrenal lesions
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