Comparative Evaluation of Microleakage for Different Root Canal Sealers and Irrigation Solutions

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?Aim: The aim of the study was to examine the sealing ability of a root-canal sealer using different endodontic irrigants and to measure the microleakage using a fluid transport model. Material and Methods: 170 maxillary and mandibular anterior human teeth with single bilnded were selected for this study. The root canals were instrumented using the crown-down technique with HEROShaper and were irrigated with 5.25 % NaOCl. The smear layer was removed by washing in 10 ml of 17% EDTA. The specimens randomly divided into 16 groups (root-canal sealings; Sealite- Ultra, Diaket, AH-Plus, Ketac-Endo and irrigation solutions; NaOCl, 2 % CHX, 1% CHX? gel+NaOCl, 1% CHX gel+SS ) of ten teeth and two control groups of five teeth and obturated by lateral condensation. In order to measure the microleakage, a fluid transport model was used and leakage value for each group was calculated and recorded. Four specimens from each group were used for SEM examinations (scanning electron microscopy). Results: The best results are taken when Ketac-Endo with 2% CHX solution used. The results proved that there is no significant difference between root-canal sealers. As for irrigant solutions, NaOCl solution caused more microleakage than 1% CHX Gel+SS and 1% CHX Gel+NaOCl solutions and the results are statistically significant. Conclusion: The study shows that the best irrigant solutions for all rootcanal sealers are 1% CHX+SS and 1% CHX+NaOCl.

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  • Recieved: 08.09.2009
  • Accepted: 22.11.2009
  • Published Online: 22.11.2009
  • Printed: 01.05.2010
  • DOI: 10.4328/JCAM.10.2.13
  • Author: Tulin Ertan, Yasar Meric, Tunca
  • Identifier: J Clin Anal Med. 2010;1(2):9-14
  • Index Page: 9-14
  • How to Cite: Tulin Ertan, Yasar Meric, Tunca. Comparative Evaluation of Microleakage for Different Root Canal Sealers and Irrigation Solutions. J Clin Anal Med. 2010;1(2):9-14
  • Running Title: Root Canal Sealers and Irrigation Solutions
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